SONNOX reveals new Dynamic EQ

Sonnox reveals an all new plugin called Dynamic EQ. Features are: 5 bands of the Oxford Type-3 EQ curve which offer proportional-Q, often considered the most musical EQ curve-type All bands can overlap fluidly without the static phase distortion or low frequency artefacts associated with multiband compressors Each band can process and/or detect from mono,…… Continue reading SONNOX reveals new Dynamic EQ

Roland partners with Studio Electronics to start an all new analog synth line.

Starting with the SE-02 Analog Synthesizer, Roland annonces a new series of its Boutique Designer Series. “A collaborative effort from Roland and Studio Electronics, the SE-02 is the debut product of the new Roland Boutique Designer Series. The SE-02 uses authentic discrete analog circuitry to create a synthesizer with a distinctly vintage sound and vast…… Continue reading Roland partners with Studio Electronics to start an all new analog synth line.

New Elysia Saturator Plugin karacter at Plugin Alliance

from their website: ” elysia enjoys a reputation among audio connoisseurs as a venerated boutique manufacturer of very high-end and innovative hardware. Now another of their greatest hits, the karacter Discrete Class A Stereo Saturator, has been precisely modeled by the wizards at Brainworx and made available as a plugin. Affectionately known as “The Coloring…… Continue reading New Elysia Saturator Plugin karacter at Plugin Alliance

TAPE ,new Softube Tape Plugin.

High-end plug-in specialist Softube is proud to announce availability of Tape — a sonically versatile, yet easy-to-use tape emulation plug-in that models three types of reel-to-reel tape machine with distinctly different sound characteristics and offers several unique features without taxing CPUs or breaking the bank (with an introductory price of $79 and normal price of…… Continue reading TAPE ,new Softube Tape Plugin.

Waves release F6 Dynamic EQ

“Surgical dynamic equalizer with 6 floating, fully-adjustable parametric filter bands, advanced EQ and compression/expansion controls per band, mid-side processing options and more. The ultimate problem-solving EQ, F6 can be used for diverse equalization, compression, expansion and de-essing processes, whether you’re mixing or mastering, in the studio or live. Each of the six floating bands features…… Continue reading Waves release F6 Dynamic EQ